About Gramle

Creators: Dallin Tucker & Benjamin V. Tucker

The inspiration for this app came from Tyler Schnoor and Kasandra Calkins. We are grateful for their excellent idea.

All the words in Gramle are English words produced by a male speaker of English from the MALD dataset (Tucker et al., 2019). Transcriptions are phonemic and are based on a general American English dialect based on the CMU-dictionary transcriptions. These have been converted into the International Phonetic Alphabet for the purposes of Gramle. In other words, the transcription may not be exactly what one would transcribe based on the perception of the sounds – user beware!

Gramle was created as a collaboration between DT and BVT. It was DT’s high school computer science final project and DT did all the hard programming in JavaScript using the p5.js library. The waveforms and spectrograms were generated using a custom Praat script.