Benjamin V. Tucker

Address:Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Northern Arizona University
208 E. Pine Knoll Dr. PO Box: 15045
Flagstaff, AZ 86011

Curriculum Vitae

Spoken Word Recognition/Speech Perception:

  • Massive Auditory Lexical Decision
  • Computational models of spoken word recognition
  • Processing of reduced speech
    • Dissertation: Spoken Word Recognition of the Reduced American English flap. PDF
  • The processing of reduction by older and younger listeners
  • The effect of fine phonetic detail on perception
  • Recognition of accented speech

Speech Production:

  • Acoustic characteristics of spontaneous reduced speech
  • Voicing properties of nasals (Romanian, Miyako Ikema)
  • Effects of aging on speech production
  • Effects depression and schitzophrenia on speech production

Language documentation work:

  • I have worked with the Colorado River Indian Tribes focusing on the documentation of Mohave and Chemehuevi
  • Phonetic documentation (often with students) of Plautdietsch, Tsuut’ina, Temne, Upper Necaxa Totonac, Northern Pwo Karen, and Miyako Ikema